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Hi, it's me! I am Emmanuela, but I usually sign off as Emmy and people call me Emma.  I am an 18-year-old Student nurse who is trying her best and I one day hope to storm your wards and save some lives, but in the meantime, I run a blog about everything really, although fashion is what I write about most!
people often ask me 1) what does KiraKira mean and 2) why did I start a blog?

Well, KiraKira or きらきら means glitter, sparkly or shiny in Japanese slang. I know life is not always glitz and glam, but I try and make it be and by starting this blog I hoped to spread a little bit of my sparkle with you guys!

Why did I start this blog? Well, I already said didn't I?  I want to share the good things with you lovely people!

Emmy xx

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