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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Flare Ups

Flare Ups
Sunday, 17 March 2019
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Before we begin I would describe this look as more of a festival look, so when you lot all go to wireless and the other one(?) you can wear this look. (wow I  really am boring! I don't know I am not really a festival gal). Or, alternatively it can be worn on an island off the coast of Greece where the whole island follows a girl that is like 19, who is literally getting married in a week, has three Dads and is reading out her mum's diary, but also everyone is reminiscing of times where everyone wore sparkly flares and platforms. Hmm that sounds oddly familiar.

So let me start off by saying when I said "Look" I meant looks because I am pairing these NASTY GAL trousers with three separate tops (Why do I  often write like I am doing an introducing my YouTube videos I don't know,  judge me in your spare time)

Also also okay I couldn't find the blue version of these trousers but I found a grey version of them so click here to see them, they are also brown pairs which are pretty cute.

So here is the first top  I call it Snow White and the Seven Snakes (as you can see I am great at naming things and should be paid hourly to name your kids)

 So this is top has made an appearance once before in my post-Bad &Boujee on a Budget, This top is very versatile you can do a lot with it. Like I said in that post, on the hanger it would have looked great on Margaret aged 80, but do a few things here and there and it looks less like hello the 1600s and more like Hello wireless, Sometimes when I look at the top I get the: I went-to Thailand-to-figure-myself-out-and-now-I- am-going-to-be-less-terrible-for-like-a-week vibes, just radiating off it. I guess that's just me, maybe I am unconsciously telling myself something (oof). Also since the top kinda vaguely resembles table cloth as a friend so kindly put it, it is probably no surprise I found at a Charity shop(Keech Cottage)  for a pound. So guys utilise your nearby charity shops. It is usually for a good cause and thrift shopping is now "cool" so you may as well.

As you can see in the lower picture it can also be worn with Clout Goggles so that's nice. Where is my clout you ask? Well I don't have any, but a girl can dream. Most importantly they help you check the queue for the ice cream line without anyone seeing, so it doesn't look oddly suspicious when you suddenly get up and make a beeline for the cart(okay that was very specific, make of that what you wish). Anyway back on track. You can literally find them in Primark for 2 quid. So you can save monies and look fly

Okay so the next fit is called  I am cold Blooded and need the sun baby

Again not great at naming things, but this is a fun sunny look. This is actually a very beachy look or a look for a fun summer day in the park eating ice lollies, or sipping on pink lemonade, pulling your sunglasses down ever so slightly so you can peer over them. Or maybe wear this fit when you're on a road trip, whilst in the car, you're sticking your head out the mini camper feeling the breeze in your hair. This look makes me feel a lot

Look at my happy tum. I was a little bloated not going to lie. I would say sorry but that's just what happens to people sometimes. As you can see I am wearing a lovely yellow top, which I bought on my Maccies day trip with the rest of the staff so I wouldn't get wet. It was like £5 from Primark and super comfortable actually. I am sorry there isn't much to say I just love this

Okay dokie here is the last look Green with Envy

This look can be dressed up with a clutch purse and a pair of gold sandal heels or dressed down with a pair of nice wine coloured lofars or platforms, for a walk down Camden, whatever suits you. I just love the top and I feel overall wicked in this. Why? Well I am glad you asked I just love silk tops

I just love it! It looks so expensive and retro, this top can look very...yucky when just sitting there..! I was really gambling when I paid 50p for it at another charity shop and then thought I had lost when I discarded it in my wardrobe for two years, but tie it up into a crop top and all of sudden you're applying lipgloss and paring it with your famous red leather beret ready to fight somebody. Everyone knows how nice tied up silk shirts look.

Well here are my looks. This post felt quite new, I haven't really sat down and done a fashion post in a while. They almost always happen spontaneously but here you are, the best things in life are spontaneous. Thaats a wrap. Thank so much for reading and tell me what you think!


Emmy xx
Sunday, 10 March 2019

Slicked and Snatched?

Slicked and Snatched?
Sunday, 10 March 2019
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I really like pleated skirts

I am black.

There is really no changing that, I am black no matter what I do. Being black is part of me. I listen to Trap music, but also would kill to see Twenty One Pilots. I love Beyonce, but I also love BTS. I like slicked edges, but I also rather not do it all the time. I like Afrobeats but can't dance.  There is an interesting perception of what it means to be a black girl in 2019. I am going to be the first to admit that time has moved on since the civil rights movement, but there is something that still hangs over me like a plague. I am black, but I am not black in the correct way. What does that mean? When you log on to Instagram or Twitter and look at the big black influencers  I notice I don't fit in. That's not my fault and it most certainly is not their fault, but media has managed to pedal out an image that every black girl seems to have in the back of their mind. The image of the Insta baddie sometimes referred to as "bad bitches"
I of course hardly fit that image, but that can be hard to come to terms with particularly when media insists that's what successful black girls are and that's how we are all meant to be.

This was my first fashion post at 16
I like things such as anime and Kpop and  I also enjoy rock music. When I was in high school and sixth from everyone would say I dress very much like well Emmanuela, my style was very unique to me. Someone once compared me to the girl in the movie Me Before You, which till this day is very confusing because I can't decide if it's a compliment or an insult (I took it as an insult). I noticed that wasn't what was expected of me as a black girl when people from my community started making comments about the way I dressed. Sometimes I was called a clown and was very used to black girls sniggering as I walked past which caused me to become embarrassed. I tried to tone down everything about myself down and instead tried to become the hardcore Azonto warrior type girl who was sexy and cool and everything those insta baddies were. Of course, I may have lost you there at sexy because I am a lot of things but I sure as hell ain't sexy. I didn't even like being that girl, it felt even less comfortable. I felt frustrated that some black girls and boys were willing to look down on me because I didn't fit in with the "archetype". I wondered what exactly girls like me were called. I was often told I acted "white" or I was trying to be someone I was not when in fact the person I was supposed to be wasn't me. I wasn't slicked and snatched and that should have been okay. I eventually found the term for girls like me on Twitter. It was "The Alternative Black girls"

I hated it.

What was that supposed to mean? I thought it made us sound like the other. Like there was a line between us and them.  I was already going through an identity crisis, so this made it worse. I wasn't even extreme enough to even be considered an "Alternative black girl" and that was simply because there were aspects of me that coincided with the Slicked and Snatched black girl so who was I? I had no idea
This look was for one of my other blogposts
Bad and Boujee on a budget

 This had implications for me as a blogger and as someone who was and still is trying to fight for my corner of the internet. A lot of black influencers are bad and boujee and it seems companies, brands and opportunities pass up black girls who don't fit the formula. It seems we aren't valid as black girls when we don't confine ourselves to one image which is very 2-dimensional considering race should certainly not define us. Let's be honest based on my style and demeanour PrettyLittleThing isn't sponsoring me anytime soon, so I am fighting to be noticed as a girl with interests in fashion rather another insta baddie and that can be so difficult for black girls when the formula is already laid out for us.  Black girls are people who are multifaceted, we are all different and we should be allowed to express ourselves, without discrimination or fitting criteria. The media should allow all types of black girls to flourish whether they are
This was my favourite picture of myself for along time. I was very proud of this picture
snatched or not. Is there are anything wrong bad boujee black girls? No way! It's just it's not realistic for everyone

So I am going to use my little page to say it's okay if you are black and can not stand Trap but enjoy House and EDM, it's okay to be black and  hate body cons, it's okay to be black and not constantly slick your edges and it's okay to be black and not be thicc with two Cs. It's okay to be yourself. Black girl magic is inclusive.

This post was very personal to me because I didn't really know where I belonged as a child and my teen years. I experimented with many styles whilst feeling pressured to just conform to one group. I won't say I am that unique so can you imagine what others face, but like I said I don't have one aesthetic I sort of float in and out

another picture I loved for the longest time

As you can see I went through many looks many stages and looking back now I loved all of them. So be as unique as you're comfortable and enjoy everything you do.

Bye for now

Emmy xx
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