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Friday, 8 February 2019

Make UP! Not price UP

Make UP! Not price UP
Friday, 8 February 2019
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Everyone knows I am a cake face. You heard me! My face consists of two eggs, 100grams of flour, 50 grams of Butter some milk and sugar; preheat oven at 200 degrees. I am a certified cake face and I know it. I like makeup and if it weren't for a tiny bit of self-growth I had recently I would wear that shit to bed. I love makeup and I am not going to lie to you it is unrequited love.
So if anyone has seen me in 2016 I would like to say we've come a long way. Thanks for the haters for not actually being haters and reasonably pointing out that using a blunt gold eye pencil on your waterline with flaky ass foundation is not a look, it is a disaster waiting to happen.

Do you know what I also like? Not being broke. Good for you if you can afford Nars, Huda Beauty and Estee Lauder because sis I could never. However just because we can't afford it does not mean we gonna look like dust! So I am going to try to help you get that affordable makeup look for those with lighter pockets.

So I know you've heard if NYX's Can's stop Won't stop foundations. I just know! Everyone and their great Aunt Sarah have been raving about it. When I brought it, I brought because it was there at my local Boots and well I am always by the NYX display so I brought it to change it up a little, not realising until after I had brought it, how much the internet was preaching about the messiah of drug store foundations.  I have combination skin and I have excessive, angry and intimidating acne scars that can send any foundation running for the hills. Yet NYX claimed to be full coverage, 24 hours AND waterproof. I screwed my face up and kinda went yeah right. No foundation has ever been able to conquer my face.
 Well, am I glad to say it does the trick ladies and gentlemen! Of course, after a couple of hours, the t-zone has a shine-bright-like-a-diamondesque look, but I managed to more or less combat it with translucent powder. It doesn't separate around the mouth like it used to, Hallelujah!

It's a bit more pricey than normal drugstore foundations at £15.00 BUT it does the job and you only need like one and a bit pumps so I don't want to hear any whining okay? NEXT!

So I am very dumb and I brought white powder,  for my dark ass skin. Got me looking like I am sniffing coke, but it's the bomb, but in a very small amount because damn it will get your foundation cracking lackin'. However, this means this little tub will last me till my next my life. The Finish & Bake will not finish your bank account at a wholesome price of £5.00

So here's the juice. You need this palette. Don't argue about this. You need it. It is vital to your daily living. Like look at the colours, the beautiful mattes, the titillating shimmers and you're trying to tell ME you don't need it! Oh, honey don't be silly.  The I Heart Revolution chocolate palette line is so cute and yummy! The one in the picture is the orange one. Like guyssss loooookkkkk how pretty it all is and yours for £8.99. It's such a bargain because it is so pigmented and long lasting forget Morphe Revolution is the captain now!

So here we the £24 Urban Decay setting spray. She is an elegant bih, dark and seductive but boujee as hell. Lives in a penthouse overlooking the beach, probably insta famous. Then we have Maybelline's 24-hour setting spray who is a soft girl, wears muddy Reeboks and slogan tees, and cries when yelled at.  That's just the bottle, my g they both do the exact same thing! One is £24 looking down at the peasants and the other sits in Superdrug minding it's damn business and costs £6.99 so like???? I used to use the revolution one but not gonna lie that sis is overhyped like when I use it I look like a greasy newspaper that chips were sitting in after like 2 hours so it's a no from me.  So ANYWAY buy the Maybelline 24 hour setting spray for £6.99 and stop playing!!

I don't have lashes. The end. No seriously when god was giving everyone lashes he looked at me and said: "Ew not you", so mascara makes it looks less like I voluntarily pulled out my lashes (yikes!). I LOOOOOVVEEE this mascara because omg I look like I am wearing falsies when applied correctly. Avon is the PLUG!!!! Especially the mark collection. The Mark Big and Style Volume Mascara is now like £4.00 on sale!! (so run forget me)

Your sis don't have no eyebrows either. Like seriously what happened?? After searching the kingdom high and low, I finally found the one! You know with elf its like lowkey, high key. I always hear about this little company but I am not really listening. Well I should because the brow pencil is a good bih, she simple, she gentle and she loving. My brow game can now step the fuck up, Kyle can't even relate. Can you imagine The instant lift eyebrow pencil is £3.00!  Exactly me too!

The next gem is their mineral infused primer. I honestly brought by accident I was actually looking for the pore concealer one, but I am dumb and never read labels yet I still went home with the right one. This is what you call a happy accident, not your 2-month-old son Janet (no seriously congratulations on your babies I am just shallow). This primer made my skin soft, embraced my foundation, campaigned for black rights and solved world hunger. This is itttttttttt! It's so good, there is minimal creasing and my foundation doesn't break and it's not too moist (ew, hate that word).  the primer is £7.50 which is actually aight so yeah. 10/10 from me

So that's all for me, these bargains are amazing and I think it should come up to around 20-25£ I don't know, I don't feel like doing the math, but it's much cheaper than other options. Just saying nothing was gifted nor was I sponsored. Brought everything with my own coins so don't hop on me. If you do want to sponsor me yesss, please! I am running out of concealer lol

Bye for now, your good sis

Emmy xx
Saturday, 2 February 2019

A virtual photo book: Barcelona & Me

A virtual photo book: Barcelona & Me
Saturday, 2 February 2019
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Everyone knows I went to Barcelona late last year/early this year. My Instagram theme has been bursting with rustic Spanish street aesthetics, but I haven't been able to find a way to compile into a blog post because the post would have essentially have been me going: "Here look at the pretty pictures that I took!" and that would have been it...I mean this post is still technically just that, but this time I have found a vague structure so it feels less like I wasted your time!

I am sorry I am doing my best...

Thanks, Yossy and Dalal for your inspiration! Their work is beautiful so I don't think my post will do them justice so just click on their links and forget about my post (I am JOKING! please read my post, but then go check them out too)

Okay Okay let's jump into the post

First Barcelona Aesthetic- La Sagrada Familia
Outfit: It was Chic in the 1990s

 Dear Journal, The sun is golden here, like drops of liquid gold falling from the heavens, it is as if God himself recognises this as his holy place. A cathedral is made in his honour, parts of the holy building is built as unique as the people he created. The modern world persists in the shadow of the creation... The smell of something sweet drifts in the air, as a man hails in Spanish, not the end of times, but that his Xurreos are 5 Euros per portion. Old buildings to the south watch tourists, holding secrets of the past but immersed in the present...

Second  Barcelona Aesthetic- Art Museum (Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya)
Outfit: "This is our Second Date"

Dear Journal, what is art? What defines art? Is it the flaws and victories of humanity paving the path towards something grander? Or is it our ascension into time? Whatever it is, it is all here guarded by bricks and mortar. The art is in a castle in the sky because the creation of humanity is valued more to us than time.

Third Aesthetic- Barcelona Beach
outfit: A-hoy! My billowing pants

Dear Journal, I did not intend to match the sea's icy blue nor did I mean to imitate the sands rusty brown. I almost felt like a walking metaphor. The sea can be beautiful and calm, but also dangerous and destructive, it can give and take away. What does that mean for me?  I think about that as I mark the sand with my footsteps, the sound of steady waves provide a soothing backing track for my thoughts.
I don't know really know who I  am..

I think that is all for now Dear Journal. I will meet you somewhere...maybe on another adventure 

Emmy xx

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