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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Pleated skirt and the Red Beret

Me Cheesing very hard.

As you already know I went to London with two other bloggers, Fran and her Friend Becca. It was a lovely day and I enjoyed every minute of it!  On my trip, I debuted this outfit, which I didn't expect to wear till much later, (quick delivery is a lifesaver).

I was a bit self-conscious about this outfit because it was much more extra than usual (I think). Maybe it was the hat? I don't know...Anyway, it was all good in the end because a random bloke told me the whole outfit was, quote on quote a"look", so thanks random bloke on the streets that was self-confidence boost. Thumbs up!

So let's get talking about the outfit. First of all the skirt was from YesStyle, they mainly sell in trend Korean Fashion items and Korean Beauty. Why not check them out on their  12th anniversary?  They constantly hold sales, and as a member, you automatically get a discount on all items.

The skirt was £14.59 which is a bit steep for me, but it is well put together and well stitched. It also comes with built-in shorts so you don't accidentally flash some cheeks at some unfortunate souls.

The top was from River Island. If you haven't noticed I love white frilly tops...I mean look at the detail on the sleeves, it's just so cute. It was a cool £30 and they bring it back every season, or at the very least something very similar. So, pop down and check it out!

The Red Beret is also from YesStyle for £4.55 and listed as a Faux Leather Beret, the model who wears it is stunning and that is why I actually bought it. Whoops! I have worn it several times and I like how it looks, to be honest.

Me taking a picture of someone's house. Quite Stalkerish I think.

So here it is, my outfit. Thank you to Jodie Mitchell for takin g these pictures! Click the names to find or check everything/everyone else.

For now goodbye!

Emmy xx


  1. This outfit is so cute!!! I love Yesstyle for all my Korean fashion/beauty purchases

    Sophie |

    1. I live on YesStyle my basket currently has about 67 items which I keep saying I am going to sort out


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