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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

5 things you need to know about the Fast food industry as told by an Employee

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Okay, this is not a fashion post. In fact, its anything but that and I guess I am sorry, but this is something I had to get off my chest. Recently on Twitter and Buzzfeed, videos about the truth about fast food companies have peaked in popularity. This includes secret menus that don't really exist. So as someone that works at a fast food company (that I can't disclose here, but you could probably guess ), I am here to set this straight!
UK edition.

1. The secret menu.

There isn't much of one. Like honestly. Yeah, you can add extra cheese extra onions so forth, but in most stores, it still costs an extra  20p or 40p depending on if you are adding meat or veg. You can't, however, ask for a cheeseburger and then say yeah I want an extra meat patty and expect to still pay 99p. Instead, you will pay for a double cheeseburger. Some customers don't get that though and they will to try and fight me and stuff and I am like ?????? Sorry, Samuel, I don't get paid enough for this please stop. It's not a personal attack on you, this just company rules!

So no BuzzFeed stop telling people there is a secret menu. There isn't one and it drives employees insane

2. The myth of the ice cream machine.

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The ice cream machine half the time does not break by our own error. As mean as it sounds half the time you only have yourself to blame for it malfunctioning. Pat yourself on the back if you only order a max of 4  ice creams per order because that's how much the machine can handle, unfortunately. At my store it doesn't usually break, the only time it does is when customers consistently order 8- 12 ice creams per order, over a 2 hour period. The machine no matter how much ice cream mix it has left, will no longer dispense as quickly or at all! Meaning we will have to shut it down until it has recharged essentially.

The most ice cream I  have had to make was 30 cup ones and I wanted to punch the wall because the machine stopped dispensing properly. We do,  sometimes have spares in a fridge made beforehand so when it gets busy so it's not always that bad, but there is always a customer that complains it's not fresh.

Also sometimes it's cleaning. So...? And it takes like 4 hours. Again all we can do is apologize for the inconvenience.

3. Fresh Fries

If you ask for fries without salt it's a little inconvenient but when you complain about how long it's taking I can only hope you- well karma is coming for you. WE HAVE TO MAKE A BRAND NEW BATCH  JUST FOR YOU FROM SCRATCH, JUST WAIT!!!! Also, people do this for fresh fries a lot and I am just gonna say It's a waste of your time because your fries are always lowkey fresh, they are constantly being made, well in my store anyway.  Actually, the food is fresh 94% of the time, most fast food stores  make to order, so immediately the food or drink is entered in the till, people are starting to make it, so it's annoying when you change your order, especially on drive-thru because we have already made half the order and  drive-thru food has to come out the quickest.

4 "I only ordered drinks"

Must food is made in chronological order of ordering so even if your order just drinks, you may have to wait unless it's bottled drinks. (However, getting it out in chronological order is another story). Saying that we do try and get drinks out the quickest, so ice doesn't melt, the same goes for ice cream, but yes in most cases you will have to wait. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ORDERED SMOOTHIES. In my store, I only have two blenders and sometimes you lovely people order 4-6 at the same time, it takes 2 minutes approx per drink to blend. So if you ordered two smoothies and you utter the phrase I only ordered drinks.... (I'll leave it there)  Smoothies and Frappes are the best to make but simultaneously the worst especially if all orders on my screen consists of just them.

5 Drive-Thru
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Okay let's get this straight....we know you are there from the second you pull up because without fail our headset makes an annoying beeping or chiming sound. From that moment I suggest you watch your language and what you say because regardless of whether we answer or not we can hear everything, you say until you pull away again.

So that means screaming Hello does nothing, but congratulations what you have done is give the person a headache and rewarded yourself 5-minute extra waiting time. The headset is sensitive noise so when you yell it sounds like you blasted airhorn in your ears, and at times I have secretly cried, all jokes aside because the pain is excruciating. I feel like a lot of customers don't know we keep them waiting. It's too easy for us to just take orders. No no no, the powers that be have decided we must earn our money,  so in both lanes we are multitasking, particularly the person in lane two, because that person is often making drinks also, so during a busy period, you may find they will often prioritise making the drinks first before answering you. I promise we aren't ignoring you. The worst thing to do is repeatedly say hello. The person in lane one speaking is often the same person that takes payment so they might not answer you straight away because sometimes on the payment window people will decide they want to reinvent themselves and their order and that can take time if they are indecisive, so again bear with.

Also, people often ask how we know what order is which. There is a camera that takes a mug shot of you as you drive in, so we always know the exact person being rude to us.

so here the dos and don't complied:

Don't ask what drinks we have.

There are too many to list we are sorry! We don't have time- I mean this a politely as possible. Instead consult the menu next to the car.

Do come prepared with the order.

Drive thru is the quick option, for the people who want to get their food quickly. If you are umming and ahhing I suggest you park your car and come in. Again I actually mean this as politely as possible.

Don't become hostile or rude over a mistake 

It's difficult. We have to do so many things at the same time so sometimes our brain becomes frazzled please be patient Also most if our workers are between the ages of 16-22. Does it feel good to yell at 16-year-old Steve?

Don't Drive past the order here intercom

You'll have to drive back round. We can only modify orders at payment window.

Do Have your money or card ready

I have seen so many people get out their car and search the boot, and I know you can forget but you know this is the expressway to get the food. You can't complain the food is taking too long if you took forever to pay Susan.

Do ask about dietary needs 

We have a little book near us that we can check in so always ask, we are here to help. It's no bother removing cheese or altering the burgers to your needs.

Do not ask what ice creams we sell

Instead just ask about the promotional ones. The normal ones are by the menu next to your car like seriously I can see it from where I take the order. USE THE MENU!!!

Don't Yell when we ask you to speak up


Do not allow people in the passenger seat to order

As much as you want, we can't hear them properly only faintly

At the same time 
 We would appreciate if you tell your kids to stop yelling because we can't hear you. It's especially irking when you get annoyed when we get the order wrong

Other myths dispelled.

No, we don't spit in your drinks and food, we gain nothing from it and it takes too much energy. Also if you are rude to the person taking your order, they won't be making your drink anyway so that's a negative. Also, we can't guarantee that you will get the drink we spat in so why risk it.

No, we aren't all dropouts, I would say 80% are part-time workers that either go to uni or college. 10% are foreigners who literally just got here and needed a job asap 5% actually went to uni got a degree but they couldn't get other jobs and the rest really are what you may call dropouts, but actually, they worked their way up and are managers.

Yes, We get free food only on shift and on our break and there is always a limit. We get discounts on food outside our shift. We can.t help you get free food,  I am not losing my job.

Oh and we actually get paid more than minimum wage and is good money and the most flexible job you can get because it's 0 hours.

So here it is! If you have questions comment below and I will answer as truthfully as I am allowed. I might have to make a pt 2 of this

Emmy xx

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