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Flare Ups

Before we begin I would describe this look as more of a festival look, so when you lot all go to wireless and the other one(?) you can wear this look. (wow I  really am boring! I don't know I am not really a festival gal). Or, alternatively it can be worn on an island off the coast of Greece where the whole island follows a girl that is like 19, who is literally getting married in a week, has three Dads and is reading out her mum's diary, but also everyone is reminiscing of times where everyone wore sparkly flares and platforms. Hmm that sounds oddly familiar.

So let me start off by saying when I said "Look" I meant looks because I am pairing these NASTY GAL trousers with three separate tops (Why do I  often write like I am doing an introducing my YouTube videos I don't know,  judge me in your spare time)

Also also okay I couldn't find the blue version of these trousers but I found a grey version of them so click here to see them, they are also brown pairs w…

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