Impostor's Syndrome

Okay so recently Sophie did an amazing post about Impostors Syndrome and it really got me thinking about myself. No one puts me down more than myself, I am never this and I am never that and I am never good enough for myself and it's all down to Impostors Syndrome

For those who don't know Imposter's Syndrome is when you feel don't deserve your accomplishments or every goal you've achieved is just a fluke and one day you'll be uncovered as a fraud and honestly, I have always felt this. No matter how well I do I always feel like it's going to all come crashing down. I can't even tell you how draining it is on mental health. It would cause me to sabotage opportunities myself and when I was successful in actually sabotaging these said opportunities  I would say it was all for the best because I didn't deserve this. I am not sure when it started affecting me but I always felt do I really deserve good things?

All my life  I had been told: "Emmanuela …