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What am I watching this season?

So picture this you have a huge essay due and you're  painfully close to the deadline.So close in fact that when you think about it, you break out in cold sweat. You panic a little but you decide that you have to do something about it, but of course the solution is not to finish the essay. It never is. You decide to procastinate and that is where I come in ladies and gentlemen. I am going to tell you what I like to binge watch, so you, yourself can binge watch as an try and attempt to fill that hole with fun when you know you could just as easily close that hole by just finishing the essay. I just want to point out procastination is bad don't do it! I also  need to a point out this isn't the usual netflix  to watch list, this is gonna be a lil bit different.
I know some locals that look down on anime and are adamant that it's for children, and only weirdos watch it. So yes I am one of those weirdos. I would highly recommend you don't sit your six-year-old cousin do…

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