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What they didn't bloody tell me about Uni

So I well here I am. I can now tell old people who ask me about what I am doing with my life, that I am a student Nurse because yes, ladies and gentlemen I am at university. Of course being here for over a month now I think it's a little too late for a room tour (also I don't really want to bloomin' do one, but I heard bloggers aren't allowed say stuff like that so you didn't hear that from me).

There are many things I wished I was told about Uni, but of course, everyone only  assures you will do fine and make lots of friends, whilst handing you a prospectus that fits into two categories: 1)they tried too hard to fit every ethnicity on the front cover and now it looks awkward and uncomfortable 2) If you join the Uni based on the second type of prospectus your flatmates will think everything you do is exotic and wild. What we can all agree on is that no one ever properly reads the prospectus because we hardly care about what the Dean has to say on page 4 or where w…

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